For all those out there who are looking forward to and working hard to keep their fitness level, a non bluetooth fitness tracker watch is an old thing, right?

But then the market is flooded with so many options when it comes to a Best Activity Tracker For Running that you, as a buyer, may be overwhelmed as to what to choose. Well, fret not! Because here we have an awesome list of the best smartwatch for working out which are not only efficient but also inexpensive. So, let us have a look at our chosen products today and enjoy your workout whenever you want.

Fitbit Versa 2 – How is it better than a non Bluetooth fitness tracker watch


If you are looking for fun while on a weight loss journey or achieving fitness goals, here is a new thing for you. Yes, it is the Health Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch. Now you can enjoy your favourite songs on the go with this awesome device with none other than the best Spotify App. Control everything on your wrist and enjoy yourself. Now, here is your chance to go for the best option to have the time of your life with this amazing device. Let us have a look at the key features here in detail to weigh your decision.

Forget about the non Bluetooth fitness tracker watchFeatures of Health Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch
  • Periodic Weather update
  • Timers along with the alarms
  • Alexa built-in Sleep scoring with respect to your activity and sleep timings along with the personal insights based on your levels of sleep like light sleeping, deep sleeping, REM sleeping.
  • Comes with the 90 days free trial under Fitbit Premium for better stress management
  • Ideally visible display, that enables you to keep track all the time at a glance.
  • Water-resistant up to the level of 50 M, to keep the track of your swimming activity
  • Tracker to check your workout performance across a 20 plus goal-based workout plan.
  • Smart Watch Compatible with iPhone, allowing you to answer calls and respond to text messages while working out. In addition, if you are an android user, you may enjoy also quick replies and voice responses.

Amazfit GTS Fitness Smartwatch – Why is it a better choice than a non Bluetooth fitness tracker watch


This GTS watch by Amazfit is an all-in-one magic device with a comprehensive approach to tracking all types of activities, you do all day long. Yes, whether it is your sleeping patterns or the number of steps you take while running and walking, this Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch has everything covered here. Well, what is more in store for you, let us have a look.

Features of Health Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch:

Health Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch

  • Optical heart rate monitor at rest position as well as activity.
  • Distance tracking, a record of calories burned, as well as the sleeping patterns.
  • A stylish, square-shaped 1.65-inch display with an always-on feature, allows you to have a look at more infographics at one glance as compared to the conventional round-shaped display screen.
  • Long Battery life up to 14 days, making it possible for you to work out long hours without worrying about charging, unlike the non Bluetooth fitness tracker watch.
  • Bluetooth Music control lets you enjoy your exercise sessions without any breaks to control your favourite music.
  • This Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch is water-proof up to the 5 ATM, to ensure tracking of swimming sessions along with a unique feature of recognizing the various swimming positions, recording the data SWOLF, speed, and of course the calorie burn.

The takeaway!

Well! when it comes to a comparison between Fitbit and Amazfit, both are great as a Fitness And Activity Bluetooth Tracker Watch but then each has its own pros and cons. Fitbit offers features for people from all age groups, watch faces, various apps, etc. In addition, you will find it a good-looking gadget at your service. Amazfit, on the other hand, is a new market player for that matter. However, it offers better tracking as far as sports are concerned, besides, it outstands Fitbit when it comes to battery life and rich support in addition to basic tracking. So, it is regarded as the best activity tracker for running.


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