Well, Thanks to the Pandemic! You cannot go to the gym but how about your fitness regime and your favourite healthy snacks hamper.

Does it make you anxious and depressed?

You are already feeling low?

DO NOT FRET, Here is your healthy snacks hamper:

Here is the thing to keep you slim and smart. Yes! Focus on your diet while at home and do some home workouts. As far as the diet plan is concerned, you need to take at least 5 meals a day, right?

Healthy food for a strong immune system during coronavirus - amNewYork

For those of you thinking what do you mean by 5 meals? Well! the healthy snacks do the trick for you here. Here are some healthy vegan recipe ideas for you to boost your immune system and mental wellbeing during COVID19.

  • Make yoghurt your friend:

Yes! yoghurt is a simple and easy snack to grab and enjoy. You can simply use it with fruits, honey, and other lots of options as per your craving. Yes! It is a great source of calcium, protein, and vitamin, which plays a great role in the development of strong bones and teeth.

  • Have fun with Cacao and banana milkshake

Well, this is the simplest snack to satisfy your cravings and anyone can make it effortlessly, no extra effort and ingredients needed to make this.

A healthy homemade milkshake is so easy to prepare. Simply add banana in milk with a scoop of cacao powder and blend it well to make a smooth shake. You can also add oats or soy to it to make it more nutritious. Yes! You will love it!

  • Give yourself a treat! Whole wheat cereal with dried fruits and nuts topping

Well, you know cereal is a quick and simple snack when you don’t have much time to cook anything else. Simply pick sugar-free wholegrain cereal and cook in low-fat milk then top it with your favourite dried fruits and nuts for more flavour, and nutrients. You will enjoy it. Yum!

  • Delicious and healthy – Fresh Fruit Salad

Simple, 100% natural, healthy, and savoury snack! This is a healthy snack because it doesn’t contain any artificial ingredients. Just cut the fruits in a slice shape and eat them. Simply yummy!

Fruits provide your body with plenty of fibre and vitamins that can keep you energetic and active throughout the day.

  • A heavenly snack – Healthy Roasted Chickpeas

Yes! Chickpeas are a great source of instant snacks in your hunger time. One cup of chickpeas provides you with 14 grams of proteins and 71% of iron. Moreover, it is enriched with iron, magnesium, and phosphorus that are essential for your growth and development process. Besides, you can make it as a delicious snack instantly without standing for a longer period of time in a kitchen to prepare. You just need to seasoning chickpeas on a baking tray and bake them for 30 to 40 minutes at 345 degrees F until it gets crunchy. Yes! It’s ready to munch.  

Boost your immune system, strengthen your digestive tract, and eat healthy snacks. Believe me! You will stay young for long!



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