Yes, everyone is afraid. Each of us wants a way out. We want an angelic protection halo around us. Of course! Your bodyguards cannot protect you from the horrific hazards of the COVID 19. You need some heavenly help and some heavenly natural foods.

Below, I will tell you about some very common kitchen items. They are easy to access, edible, and super immunity boosters. Though, the incredible effects of these herbal supplements have no support for research data as they are used in third world countries where monetary funds are used to meet basic needs and not for research! 

However, there is a practical experience of the persons recommending and using them spread over centuries. 

Let’s get back to our essential dietary habits!

No doubt, we are the lucky ones to have traditional foods having a blend of the high nutritional value of grains, vegetables, spices, and herbs. They are not new to us. Nevertheless, their anti-viral, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties may be. 

Now, is the time to deal in your life-saving lifelines:

We will discuss them briefly below. 

1. Holy honey 

Honey holds it all for you. You can use it for several different options. It can serve to help you lose weight. It has been taken for soothing the sore throat and cough symptoms. With particular regard to its antiviral effects, you can use it along with black seeds of kalonji or cinnamon powder. Or simply it can be used in the lukewarm water. You can add it to different qehwa varieties as a sweetener too. So, this sweetness is full of health benefits. 

2. Terrific turmeric :

Turmeric is an underground plant. It resembles a lot like ginger. However, it has an amber color. You can get its powder from the grocery store. Though, we would recommend you to get the plant, dry it, and grind it yourself. This is the purest form. Now take half a teaspoonful in lukewarm milk and enjoy this magical golden milk. It will soothe you, heal you, and boost your immunity too!

3. Great ginger and garlic:

Though they might be hard to chew raw, nevertheless, you can slowly develop your taste buds. You can also boil them in water. Add honey and drink it. They help to fight the pandemic by increasing the fighting artillery in your weapons list against the virus attack. 

4. Satisfying Senna makki:

It might be new to you. But this is the new revolutionary remedy in progress. It is getting popular among masses for both its prophylactic and as a remedy used. These are green leaves. They are either boiled in water and taken as qehwa, or it can be dried and use as a powder. It has a purgative effect. So, consume a small amount. Its fighting properties against COVID 19 patients are giving satisfying results. 

As told earlier, there is no supporting data. Despite thisyou can use it safely. 

5. The tulsi:

Tulsi has been worshipped in India for centuries. It is not because it can stop the flying airplane in the sky like superman. But probably because of its dynamic features. Use it and believe it. Its antiviral effects are not mere assumptions; they are miraculous. Add them to your food routine. 

6. No wonder Niaz bo plant:

Since most of the COVID 19 patients have respiratory symptoms, that is the reason for adding it to the list. This is a plant that was popular last year as a repellent for keeping the dengue mosquitoes away from your homes. Now its antiviral effects are in discussions. The whole of this plant is enough for the whole of your respiratory system. 

Believe me; it has magical effects on breathing problems. Just add ginger, garlic, and onion to this qehwa and honey too. This can be used by chronic asthmatic patients also. In kids with flu and other symptomsit can be safely given. 

Consistency and belief will help you fight it better!  

7. Fabulous citrus family :

We all have grown up eating oranges in the winter. We all love squeezing lemons for the lemonade. We all love the vitamin C rich berry family. Very simple, you just have to love your love!

Enjoy them now during this pandemic with more conviction and regularity. 

You should take into account the given considerations while using them.


Use them in small amounts. If you are allergic to any of the foods mentioned above, you can replace them with others. It is better to take them in qehwa form as it makes them diluted and easy to carry.

All ages can easily consume them. However, reduce the amount given to kids.

No harm in trying what is lying in your kitchen cabinets, stored in your fridge, and growing in your garden!

Stay blessed, stay safe, stay healthy, and stay cool and calm. Remember, you can live your life only when you are alive!

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