As they say….Man is a social animal…..which means that we can not live in isolation from the rest of the world, especially in the modern world of Global Village. Despite many positive changes brought about by modern lifestyle, we often observe that the sorrows and troubles are following an increasing trend. Well! there might be hundreds of reasons behind this but one of the most of all is that we have forgotten our social values. Yes! Social Values, which vary according to the context and background. However, it does not mean that they can not be standardized. Almost half of the problems of life could be solved only if we start believing and acting on the famous quote “What Goes Around……Comes Around……..”

Whatever you do, whatever is your conduct with others, certainly return to you one day. If you are being considerate, helpful and kind to people around you, you are surely blessed with something different from others, no matter, you realize or not. Similarly, negative attitude towards life and your fellow beings may cause a havoc in your life. Interestingly, it is in our (humans’) very nature that when we are blessed with something good, we do not realize it but if we suffer badly, we blame our fate. The reality is that both the blessings and the problems we have in our lives are the consequence of our own deeds. A perfect example of GIVE and TAKE; you see! there is no free meal in the modern business world, then how is it possible that a virtue goes down the drain without giving you any reward or a bad conduct does not cost you anything.

So, making your life heaven or hell is all in your own hands. You will always be able to enjoy the fruit of your sweet behavior and you can never escape the worst consequences of your evil deeds.

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