Why are you wearing a red hat?

Where are you going at this late hour?

When will you come back home?

We face these and many other such questions rather than judgemental statements every day in our lives, coming from our dear and near ones. But do we ever think how such toxic and suspicious inquiries affect our relationships? NO, because if the idea had hit us, we would just let people live their lives according to their wishes.

This behavior has become a nuisance in modern societies and have made life difficult for people. Ideally, we, humans should facilitate each other to achieve their life goals, so that we could rise as a whole but unfortunately, it is not happening.

Due to this behavior, we are getting distant from our beloveds because it is human psychology to stay away from the things and people who give you physical or emotional pain. This is why the relationships are getting weaker and psychological illnesses like depression and anxiety are widespread.

The real point of concern is that we do not even realize how our words hurt the other person. To put it simply, whatever they do, it should not concern us if it is not bringing any harm to us. But still, we take it as our responsibility to object to people and then also pass judgments.

If we really want this world to be a better place to live in, we should revisit our conduct towards people. It will not only make their life easier but we will also stay satisfied and blissful. So let us take a vow today to stay comfortable in our skin and not interfere in people’s life especially when it is unnecessary.

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May 25, 2020

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