The cliche, if put simply, refers to a person’s general perception about life. The word L-I-F-E having four alphabets may mean differently to two individuals. There are different reasons for the difference of perception about life. To name a few; Social and Academic Background, Personal Experiences, Social circle, Lifestyle, Culture and many more. Whatever may be the reason, the consequences of your habit seeing the empty part of the glass may land you in the land of unimaginable troubles and sorrows. Therefore, it is important to look deeper into the L-I-F-E in order to understand its spirit. 

You may take the L for Lovely or Loutish, I for Interesting or irreverent, F for Fabulous or Fussy, E for Entertaining or Egregious. It all depends on the captain of the ship which route he takes to sail the ship home. However, sometimes, it seems very difficult to think straight and to look at the filled part of the glass. One needs to have a strong will power to fight with his inner self and be positive about life. Well! the Psychologists believe that it is not that hard to focus as it seems to be. All you need is to start looking at the blessings you have. The oxygen we breathe in, is the least acknowledged “commodity” these days which we use every minute but do not bother to thank for it. The more you think about the positiveness in your life, the easier it will get for you to notice the filled half of the glass. The more you think about the positiveness in your life, the easier it will get for you to notice the filled half of the glass. 

So, here is a time for you to fight back all the negative thoughts and feelings about life and start convincing yourself that you are also one of the blessed ones. Yes! there might be some hardships, but they could be even bigger, could’nt they?

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Live and Let live

May 30, 2020

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