You know why we still cherish our childhood even at the age of 80? Well! all the credit goes to bad memory. This might have raised eyebrows but it is cent percent correct; a matter of experience. See! I do not remember how many times I fell off when I was trying to take my first footstep, neither you, do you? The answer is certainly NO. Well! can you recall how many bruises did you get while playing with your mates when you were 3. Again it is a NO.

Hats off to the bad memory or I would say, our natural inability to retain our childhood “unpleasant memories” (if any). I am emphasizing “unpleasant” memories because it is more relevant with the ability to remember the quality of memories. The reason being it is not that we have weak memories about the childhood, its that we tend to forget the bad ones and remember good ones. As I am sure, most of us consider our childhood as the best of the stages of our lives, because we forget the scratches and bruises we got then but do cherish the time spent with our families and parents as a little child.

As we grow up physically, we become more pessimists. Yes, if that is not the case, we would have forgotten and forgiven the unpleasant events of our lives and it would have been much easier for us to move on. But, unfortunately, it does not happen which means that we keep all the negativities in our minds, with all the bitterness and start judging life as one of the most ruthless and cruel things happened to us overlooking the positive things happening to us at the same time.

So, it all comes down to “Selective Memory”. Yes, we remember the things we want to and forget others, depending upon our own preferences. If we try to improve our “selection” and try to overlook the things we do not like in life and cherish small reasons for happiness, our lives would become far easier and worth living.

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May 25, 2020

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