I have learned from my experience that Life is a mosaic of events in which you go through a lot of things. Some have a positive effect on your personality and outlook towards life while others have a negative impact. However, it all depends on your perception and understanding as to how you take them for yourself. Nobody else in the world can shape up your ideas and approach towards your life events.

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What matters is your will power and urge to move forward. If you do not have the courage to face the truth, you are bound to regret it. The best way to go about it is to take every event happening in your life, Positively. Yes! that is the key. Since what has already occurred, it can not be undone, so, there is no way to get it on your nerves. Instead, be thankful for what you have. if you will look around, you will realize that there are a lot of things you are blessed with, which many people can only wish for.

It is absolutely in your own hands what you would like to make out of life. Sulking on your unfulfilled wishes will only make things worse for you. In fact, besides worldly disadvantages, you may even lose what you already have. So, it is better to enjoy what you possess and let go of what you could not achieve.

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  1. Totally agree with you. Verbal expressions of any sort is such a good technique for self catharsis. We do not understand the power of communicating in a right manner which often leads to misinterpretation and negativities that unfolds to become chaotic. Love the simple yet positively powerful message ♥️.

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