Well! Did you ever imagine of a day without night or a night not leading to a day? it is undoubtedly a boring thing to even give it a thought, isn’t it? I mean! what a life it would be if there is nothing new in life! The monotonous routine even the most interesting things in your life start becoming boring with the passage of time. This is when you need a change and well, yes! the change is needed everywhere.

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Just imagine for a minute! if you keep wearing the same set of clothes for 3 days on a stretch, you certainly get bored and probably you would never wear the same dress ever again as you have got fed up with it to the extent.

This was a simple example from your everyday life. Let us now talk about a bigger picture. Yes! How about bringing a change in the lives of the people around you. You got me right! I am referring to try and make things better for your country and your fellow citizens. I do not find it a bad idea to stand up for the poor and the needy. If you could bring even a small change in someone’s life, it might open new vistas of good deeds for you.

Now how can we do it? Well! how about contributing towards the education of a child coming from backward area? It is not that difficult as it sounds. All you need to do is to set aside a small amount of funds every now and then and by the end of a month or so, you will be having a respectable amount to pay the school fee of a kid.

And yes! there are hundreds of ways we can try to bring about a significant change in the society. All we need is a strong will and commitment to do it. So, let us join hands and make to a promise to ourselves that we will start trying from today, rather from now onwards.

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Live and Let live

May 30, 2020

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