Dejected? Depressed? Disappointed? This is what is the condition of our youth these days. If you are having a hard time finding a job or just had a broken relationship, it is a real testing time of your life. It will either break your nerves or you will emerge as a winner. If you realize, it is the best time to prove yourself as a stronger person.

Having said that, I know very well that it is easier said than done but again what is the point of crying over split milk. Instead, if you come out stronger, you will be able to face the reality with your head upright.

Well! Now the question is how to get out of your depression. One of the best ways is to strengthen your relationship with your Creator. After all, it is only God Who will rescue you in such difficult moments. Besides the religious rituals, you can get closer to the Creator by taking active part in charity.

Yes! You will feel better by helping others who are even more dejected than yourself. The sense of satisfaction and being helpful to someone will reduce your own pain and obviously, God will surely open new vistas of opportunities in your life.

After developing your connection with God, strengthen your self-belief. Staying optimistic is vital here. You need to understand that right path is always full of hurdles but there is also a bright day at the end of even the darkest night. So it is important to have strong faith in yourself and your abilities. The self-confidence is bound to boost your spirits and you will b able to move on with a strong will-power.

Developing your personality in a positive manner is the key to success especially when you have to start all over again but always remember that “God helps those who help themselves”, so stay positive and you will surely the positive vibes in your life.

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January 13, 2016

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